Stress Management
Do you feel constantly stressed all of the time? 
Are you continually worried, anxious and lacking energy? 
Would you like to float away your stress and feel emotionally free?
If so, use Hypnotherapy, NLP and EFT to help you learn how to relax more effectively and take control of the ‘nagging voice’ inside your head. You will feel instantly calmer, more relaxed and more able to manage your day to day problems.




Do you ever feel like you want  to run away from social events or gatherings? 
Are you continually unhappy with the way you feel and see yourself?
Would you like to help yourself become more confident and self assured?

Use Hypnotherapy combined with NLP and EFT to help make the powerful changes you need to improve your self belief, become more motivated and make permanent changes at a subconscious level. You can feel fabulous within 1- 2 sessions.



Do you feel overwhelmed or out of control in certain situations? 
Are you afraid or anxious when confronted by a particular person, place or thing? 
Is your life affected or limited by your irrational phobia or fear?

If so, just imagine living your life free from your anxiety disorder now by using hypnotherapy, NLP and EFT to spin and manage your emotions and turn your life around for the better? In just 1 -2 sessions you will feel calmer and have the tools and techniques to control your fears whenever and wherever you want.

See one of my published articles on Fear of Flying here:



Do you long for a deep refreshing nights sleep? 
Would you like to fall to sleep on a regular basis and wake up the following morning full of energy? 
Are you fed up of lying awake with your mind racing and full of stress?

Then why not use Hypnotherapy, NLP and EFT to re-establish your sleep cycles and enhance the quantity and quality of your sleep?

By eliminating areas which disrupt your sleep and learning how to ‘switch off’ at night you can become calmer, more in control and more rested!


Deep Mind Relaxation

Would you love to be able to relax and let go of all the day to day pressure life throws at you? 
Do you want to release and let go of constantly nagging out of date issues? 
Can you allow yourself to begin to forgive and start the healing process now?

Using powerful Hypnotherapy techniques combined with NLP and EFT you can learn to deeply relax and enjoy a wonderful empowering feeling of well being. Just imagine the benefit of truly relaxing your mind and body now!


Other successful treatments for:


- Motivation

- Anxiety/panic attacks

- Unwanted Habits

- Compulsions 

- Obsessions

- Depression

- Interview Preparation 

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