Overwhelming Anxiety


I made a phone call to Shirley who spent half an hour chatting to me to understand how I was feeling.  She never rushed me and even that first phone call gave me hope of becoming the person I used to be - to laugh, be relaxed and have a little me time.  I attended three sessions with Shirley and soon realised all my problems had built up over the years working in such a stressful environment.  During our sessions Shirley helped me understand the reasons why I felt so low, how to let go and how to move forward and believe in myself again.  This included talking, hypnotherapy and self help techniques and relaxation CDs to take home and listen to. I would really like to say thank you to you Shirley.


Kim 55 year old female



Anxiety and Panic Attacks


I cannot thank Shirley enough for her amazing support and help in the space of only 8 weeks.  I was stuck in the deepest darkest hole with stress, depression and anxiety.  Shirley helped discuss my problems, thoughts and worries and go through everything systematically.  We then worked through solutions and how I think about things and why.  I was stuck, truly believing nothing could be done, I was hopeless and I hated my life.  The panic attacks were daily…Shirley helped me regain my confidence and life back.


Lou 33 year old female




Anxiety and IBS


After many years of tests and monies spent, I was referred to Shirley by a private GP.  I was hoping for something different and Shirley was like a breath of fresh air.  Straight away I felt comfortable and just after the first session and doing some of her techniques at home the first week my wife started to notice a difference.  Five sessions and a 100 % open commitment on my behalf has made a huge impact on my life, blood pressure and  condition.  Instead of grabbing pills I now use  Shirley’s downloads and chill.  My meds have been reduced by 90% and I now have some useful tools and techniques to help deal with the pain, anxiety, negative thoughts and outlook.  Thanks for helping me live again.


Steve 55 year old male




Depression and Anxiety


I came to Shirley after being diagnosed with depression and crying constantly with the feeling of panic and not being able to cope with my every day tasks.  After graduating uni I was so scared to face the future in terms of picking jobs, relationship problems and finding my place in my family, this was leading me to cry constantly crippled with anxiety.  I was introduced to Shirley and straight after our first session I felt a weight lifted, she introduced me to techniques which I exercised everyday helping me to cope with the tasks I found challenging before.  By the end of our sessions I was able to make clearer decisions, finishing a relationship knowing I would be ok on my own, which was the best decision I have been able to make.  I have been able to laugh again knowing it’s me and not pretending.  Thank you sooo much for everything.


Elly 21 year old female



Sleep and Anxiety


I went to see Shirley as I was having problems with sleep and anxiety.  I was a bit sceptical about the hypnotherapy idea as I don’t believe in acupuncture or other alternative remedies.  However, I was pleasantly surprised to find her treatment really helps.  She is a lovely lady with great empathy and understanding, very easy to talk to an everything she sid seemed to make perfect sense.  As well as the hypnotherapy she gave me 3 CDs to listen to which I have found wonderfully relaxing to listen to and I feel helpmeet to fall to sleep when listened to last thing before lights out.  A large part of her treatment was discussing all about anxiety with me which she was extremely knowledgeable about and suggested ways to combat it.  Thank you so much much again Shirley for all your help and advice.


Jenny 63 year old female 


Post Successful Treatment for Breast Cancer


I  knew my head was full of negative thoughts and I hated where I was.  I desperately needed some help to gain control of the emotional rollercoaster I was on.  Shirley was recommended to me and I cannot believe the journey she has taken with me.  Right from the first appointment she made me feel comfortable and that how I felt mattered.  Over the course of my sessions we have worked through a variety of techniques some of which I honestly didn’t think could ever help lift me from where I was.  Shirley’s huge breadth of knowledge in her field gave me so much confidence to believe in her and try the techniques and yes… THEY WORK! The hypnosis sessions were very relaxing too!  I will never forget the compassion, warmth, positivity and expertise Shirley has shared with me.


Fiona  48 years old



Fear of Flying 


The flight was a miracle!!  No tears, no panic attacks, no sweating palms, no ring mind, no shaker legs.  I had a little bit of nervousness just after take off and plugged into CD1 for half an  hour and after that just chatted away and tried to dispel any uneasy thoughts with actual rational thinking. Thank you so much I can’t explain the relief it was to just have things that could take my mind away,


Abbie 27 year old female


Embarrassing Bad Habit


I approached Shirley with an unorthodox issue in the I had a habit of around 10 years of popping and squeezing acne on my chest which was only exacerbating and prolonging the condition.  Rather than decline help, Shirley made a huge effort to collate CBT techniques usually used to treat a multitude of more worth odour issues which had a correlation with mine.  Using this approach along with hypnotherapy, I was given the tools required to understand, control and adapt my mindset.  She has completely turned my thought process upside down concerning the habit and I have now broken it.  I’ve never spoken to anyone about my habit through shame and embarrassment.  What is probably more of an achievement than helping me break my habit is that I never once felt a single drop of embarrassment throughout the whole process.  Shirley, I cannot think you enough.


Martin 28 year old male


Fear of Public Speaking


I was a little sceptical about this approach to treating  my fear of public speaking and speaking in meetings and with colleagues.  However, having seen the devastating consequences it was having on my career an confidence and health I felt I had nothing to lose and thank goodness I took the plunge.  The therapy was not what I expected.  Shirley helped me to get to the root of what was causing my anxiety t the first session and then gave me the tools to chNGE.  Within a week I had seen such a difference.  I am amazed that something like this can have changed me in one week! I have just had my second session and Shirley has given me more tools and techniques to help me progress further.  I am now excited about what my new found confidence could help me achieve.  These are tools that can help you in most areas of your life.  If you are in doubt or in two minds trying this therapy my advice would be to give it a go.  It could change your life.  In one week it changed me and my internal programme is being re-written for the better.



Kiran female

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